Why might I consider Chiropractic?
True Stories

“My Bernese Mountain dog wrenched my arm while on leash and I ended up with back spasms. Literally, they were worse than labor pains.”

“I stood up from a chair and felt something click in my lower back. After one week of popping pain relievers, I knew I needed to do something else.”

“Our son is a lacrosse player who suffered a concussion. Our neurologist recommended we see a chiropractor to adjust and realign his neck.”

“Experiencing chronic headaches for years is no fun. When a friend suggested I see a chiropractor, I was doubtful. I now go once a month for maintenance and no longer suffer the headaches.”

“In field hockey practice my daughter was running miles daily. She developed painful shin splints. Our orthopedist recommended she see a chiropractor for an assessment. Dr. Siegel made her customized orthotics to go in her field hockey shoes. What a difference it made.”